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Remixed-CD NOW

On July 30 DE/VISION released the CD " REMIXED ". 11 songs from 1993 - 1996 remixed by Jose Alvarez Brill (Producer DE/VISION , Wolfsheim) with re-recorded voices from the band. The CD contains the long awaited previously unreleased single version of "Blue Moon 99". The track listing by the way is a result of our fans, as we constantly asking them on our homepage about their most favourite songs etc. and to support that approach we will have the picture of a fan on the cover.

Through the "i regret 2003" release, this cd in the news.

The CD is released by our "own" Label SPR and is distributed via Indigo (SPR026) and was also released in North-America by Metropolisrecords and in Scandinavia by Memento Materia.

Endlose Träume Insomnia mix
Your hands on my skin sonnet shuttle mix
Get over the wall the brick mix
I regret j.a.b.mix
Moments we shared nocomment mix
Bleed me white come of age mix
Take me to the time timewarp mix
Free from cares swarf mix
Dress me when I bleed undressed mix
Try to forget never 4get 2mix
Blue moon 99 Radio edit

(SPR027 / Indigo 1759-2 )

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Germany + Rest of the world Limited edition and normal edition. Foreign people can also order trough the normal edition.
Scandinavia Normal edition
North-America Normal edition (without blue moon) 8.October .