Diskografie: Promos
© 2002 by DE/VISION Recordcompanies send out promo-copies before the release to magazines, dj's, record shops, radiostations.. for promotion. Some of them where sold by this or other people which is not allowed. Sometimes some people offers self-printed copies as promos. We want you to prevent yourself from buying this illegal copies or from paying high prices. If you know any more so called promotional-cd than listed here, feel fre to contact us. We will put them in this list or tell you that you have a fake.

Name Songs


Country Label Cover Copies Packaging Note
3trac i regret RI regret c5, Jab mix + try to forget Dj ram August 2003 D YellowSPR005 Yes here and here 2000 pappcover handnumbered
Miss you more Radio cut, album Version December 2002 D Wea
blue/ white 500 plastic mcd Barcode: 43219 81352
Lonely Day 3 trac MCD *a February 2003 D Drakkar No red white / two-style 700 plastic mcd Barcode: 43219 32602
Hear me calling *b 1998 D Wea No photo 700 plastic mcd ... we dont like the artowrk :-)
Blue moon 1999 *c August 1999 D Wea yes like foreigner 100 - 300 plastic mcd probabyle released in russia
Remixed 1 Trac Radio Get over the wall Remixed July 2003 D / Swe yellowSPR003 yes here 1000 thick paper-box for radio use only / not for sale not for auction
Remixed 4 Trac Radio *d July 2003 D / Swe yellowSPR004 yes here 1000 thick paper-box for promotional use only / not for sale not for auction
Two like cd August 2001 D Drakkar/Bmg no   ca 500 thick paper-box for promotion only, not for sale
Freedom 1 trac less than normal mcd May 2000 D WEA yes wie mcd ca 500 like mcd  

Radio+ Club Edit

December 1999 D WEA no black / white ca 500 thick paper-box 2 tracs
Try to forget like mcd Autumn 1993 D Strange Ways yes like mcd ca 500 like mcd different bandphoto
spr-kleefeld *e April 2000 D Synthetic Product Records no   1000 thick paper-box Label + Verlags-sampler
Monosex like mcd January1998 D WEA no light-blue wea standard artwork ca 500

plastic mcd PRCD1027

promotional copy not for sale.

*a) ... radio cut, album version, unplugged

*b) ... radio edit, mesh remix, album version, entrusted to mesh, no sonar mix (Auch auf dem Sampler Mix Rinse & Spin zu finden)

*c) blue moon '99 (Radio edit), Blue Moon (void style version), Moonbeam, Hear me calling (entrusted to mesh) 10.000 MCD's where detroyed by WEA Records, but we saved some copies.

*d) endlose träume, get over the wall, i regret, free from cares REMIXED 2003

*e) DE/VISION Re-Invent youself (HMB- Mix) und weitere Bands.

!!! There is NO promo-cd from Unplugged-EP ever printed !!!

*4 ) Drifting sideways - T.O.Y.toburger Wald Mix , Digital dream - Mesh Classic Cupboard Cut , Sadness - the sad death of mix , The day´s not done - telekommander Mix