Discography: Video / DVD
© 2005
De/Vision DVD

Pictures of the past DVD - 29.August 2004 Euopena Pal System. // NTSCFormat for USA is also available.

Containes the same like the 2 Livevideos (but without CD), and some Videoclips : Blue Moon, I regret 1996, We fly tonight, Strange Affection, Foreigner, Freedom, I regret 2003 and some small things for the fans.

If you need the songs on CD then plase buy the CD Live 95&96".

LiveVideo euro Pal + CD : Life Moments We Shared (sold out, out of print, some copies left in )
Free From Cares, Call My Name, Dinner Without Grace, Soul-Keeper, Dress Me When I Bleed, Moments We Shared, Your Hands On My Skin, Love Me Again, Like A Sea Of Flames, Blue Moon, Get Over The Wall, Try To Forget, Endlose Träume, Hunters
LiveVideo euro Pal + CD : Fairylive! (sold out, out of print)
Intro, Today's Life, Get over the wall, Keep your dreams alive, I regret, Sweet Life, Bleed me white, Harvester, Dinner without grace, Daydreamin', Take me to the time, Blue Moon, Your hands on my skin, Moments we shared, Try to f., Outro.
The Live-CD bundled with the video contains the songs of the "Fairyland?" (as LIVE versions) + an Intro