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De/Vision DVD "Pictures of the Past (non unplugged)"

Since 29 .August 2004

Livematerial and Videos and Interviews and ....

SPR/ Indigo


NTSC Version is available in USA

The artwork of the first edition is numbered.

is taking orders now.

A few copies are available through our too.

Please read our WARNING below !


"Pictures of the past" 

contain the following songs on video:

bleed me white 
blue moon 
call my name 
dinner without grace 
dress me when I bleed 
endlose traeume 
free from cares 
get over the wall 
i regret 
intro  (fairyland)
keep your dreams alive 
like a sea of flames 
love me again 
moments we shared  
outro   (fairyland)
sweet life 
take me to the time 
today's life 
try to forget 
your hands on my skin 

+ Videoclips:
blue moon  
I regret 1996
we fly tonight
strange affection
I regret 2003

+ Interviews  
+ Backstageimpressions 
+ Some small surprises 

More than 3 hours material. 

Taken from Video "Live moments we shared" & "Fairyland" plus bonus material.
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-------------------- W A R N I N G  ----------------

Warning DVD Bootlegs (illegal copy / copie illégale /  )  ! 
In the last weeks we got some E-Mails , that the De/Vision DVD „Pictures of the past“ 
- not EVERY Video is on the DVD / there are videos missing
- only one page of the artwork is there and the artwork quality is bad
- the music behind the menu is not there
- the menu looks different, it has just 4 points
- the quality is bad
- the DVD-Print is bad
- the packaging is black
- (the DVD is not sealed)
- it maybe can't be played
- there is no copyright warning at the beginning of the DVD

-> This is a B O O T L E G !   Do NOT buy it ! 

Please contact us, if you have a bootleg or if someone offers you a bootleg. 
The trading of such bootlegs are highly illegal and violates the rights and is criminal. 
It also cause a big demage, because the wrong people make the money.


If you buy/receive a DVD please check the DVD
- 2 page cover 
- starting with a copyright warning
- a code with 10numbers backside of the cover
- the menue of the DVD must have 6 menue points  
- the menu have small animated filmes (no pictures/stills)
- you can hear music in the menu
- the quality of the DVD print

then you have a legal copy ! Everything is okay. 

Bootlegging happened also with several other recent De/Vision released. 
You should care from where you buy your material. We know that everyone want's to save money, 
but if the quality is bad and the DVD is not complete - it doesnt help anymore. In this case, 
the demage is more than 15.000Euro for record company / distributor and the band.
You as a buyer should be happy about your product, so check the seller and the material carefully ! Our De/Vision Mailorder Merchandise Shop offers the legal stuff. In case of problems -> CONTACT us !