England-London 19.oct 2001    
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police detect blind passengers

wait for the next ferry

parkink position on ferry

white cliffs of dover

where is the shower jan ? :-)

ship parking position

club backside

club sign

ticket booth

clubs view

backdoor in

very clean! cl

breakfest served


local pormoter and hands

stage set up

sound area

tickets booth inside


set up

watching the support

merch and "someone" from sweden

new shirt

first custom

jan mets another band

during chageover

first song

mixed audience



small stage

multi cultured people

lars new decoration on box

hello to people from russia, germany, spain, poland, holland, sweden, scottland...

"shitty" con carne

achim in action

view from behind the stage

view from side

after show

some people starts dancing...

some people waited for the band

thomas is ready

steffen serve food inside the bus

benny lost something, not good in the mood

andre agassi ?

achim with his phone

we missed the ferry

there is noone here in dover

feel cold ?

where is the ferry?

two hooded people

someone else makes pictures.

come ferry come...

musicbox inside the ferry