Projects: Green Court
© 2001 by DE/VISION

28.Mai 2001 Take (my breath away) is the second single and reached 99 in the Media Control Charts.

"Take(my breath away)" it's the name of the 2nd Green Court featuring DE/VISION Single released 28. May 2001. It's not a cover version this time. The text is by Thomas Steffen was singing parts in Duisburg and later in Berlin. You get it on 3 different Vinyls. The song was going wellin the Dance Charts (top 10). There's no video available

cd1 MCD take (my breath away)
take (my breath away) radio / video edit
take (my breath away) dawn's single edit
take (my breath away) club trance mix
inside your gates cosmic gate remix-edit
inside your gates club-cut cd2

cd2 REMIX-MCD take (my breath away)
take (my breath away) cj stone remix-edit
take (my breath away) cj stone remix
take (my breath away) marc dawn's original mix
take (my breath away) chrome's romance in NY
take (my breath away) corvin dalek's wet & hard remix

WEA Records Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Universal France, Belgium

? Scandinavia, Australia


At the beginning of the year 2000 our old record company WEA asked Steffen to sing a song. A German DJ was searching for a singer who sounds different to other people. Steffen listened to the number and said "is okay for me" Short time later Steffen went to Duisburg (close to cologne) to record his voice. Finaly steffen was singing in his de/vision style and everyone likes it! Some people made some remixes and also de/vision made a remix.

During the summer, the record company made "white labels" (vinly copies without artist information) and promoted them. The feedback was very well and so the record company promoted and released the VINYL in Germany.
In the week 39. the song entered the germany dance (DDC). The song ist also in the official german vinyl charts. Beginning of october they filmed a videoclip on Helgoland (german island). This Clip is broadcasted on german music television Viva1 and MTV every day.

Releasedate of the MCD was 6.November 2000.

Chart entry was one week later on Number 32. The song is very dancy and the orininal is from THE BELOVED (can't compare it) More Projects like this could be in the future because of the very well feedback. DE/VISION still have priority ! Another Greencourt featuring De/Vision single could follow spring 2001. Shinning will be released in some other countries like Spain and England.

Chartpositions (D): 32,72,70, 84

Project name: Green Court feat. De/Vision
Song: Shining
Label: Logport / Dizzly / Club Culture (WEA/DMD)

Tracklisting MCD1 (wea 8573 85411-2)
-Shining >7 inch radio cut 3:09 (Vocals by Steffen)
-Shining >Sunshine club mix 8:21 (Vocals by Steffen)
-transefiguration >12 inch mix 8:16

Tracklisting MCD2: (wea 8573 85414-2)
-Shining >Mark dawn mix 8:46
-Shining >Dj tieto remix 9:26
-Shining >Pulsedriver remix 7:52
-Shining >world clique remix 7:17
-Shining >de/vision remix 5:28

Tracklisting Vinyl: (shining remixes)
A1: Shining (Dj Tiesto Remix)
B1: Shining (Pulsedriver Remix)
B2: Shining (Worlds Clique remix)
4 014235 266502
dmd log2001-r
drizzly records

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