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Webside in a golden Television Burj al arab DE/VISION CD Void found in Dubai (UAE) Virgin Megastore Sticker Licensed for 3 arabic countries price 13 euro in Dubai
Russianm release with sticker: "Gothic Darkwave" The prices in russia are changing everyday , depending on the US-Dollar. Everyday you will find a List with a pricecode and what this pricecode means today in Russian rubels. Pricecode 1.4 = 330 rubel = 11 US Dollar , but original !
DE/VISION first dexvision
Markus, Thomas , Stefan, Steffen, Lorenz -> Hannover 1989 Lorenz, Stefan, Markus -> 3.January 2004 at Lavantgarde concert
DE/VISION keks logo im Gehirn
cookie in progress with logo / dv LOgo part of the brain / christmas time cookie