Discography: Sampler
© 2004 by On top of normal releases DE/VISION can be found on a lot of sampler CDs:

Name Titel and Version Month of Release Country Label
Electro Revenge Your hands on my skin, gleiche Version wie auf Vinyl-Maxi 01/91, nur bei DE/VISION (swe) europa energy
Elementary The scenery deludes, gleiche Version wie auf MCD 01/92 ausverkauft (swe) europa memento
Illuminative Always proved, exklusiv 05/95, nur bei DE/VISION (swe) europa memento
Autumn Leaves Try to forget (Demo-Try) 10/92, bisher EXKLUSIV! (swe) europa memento
Way 100 Moments we shared, CD-Version 07/95 g/a/s strange ways
E-Beat Get over the wall, gleiche Version wie auf MCD 10/95 europa polidor
Strangeinwaysion Dress me when I bleed, Radio-Edit 12/95, ausverkauft g/a/s strange ways
Treasury Blue Moon, Moonwalker-Mix 05/96, bisher EXKLUSIV! g/a/s hyperium
Electronic Fields, SWE Dinner without grace, Radio-Edit 07/96 (swe) europa october
Mix rinse and spin USA Try to forget, Forget me not mix <07/96, nur bei DE/VISION usa/ europa add
Electric Ballroom Blue Moon, limited 01/97 g/a/s euromedia
Bouquet of dreams 3 Todays Life live von Fairylive! 04/97 g/a/s strange ways
Electrosphere Sexy Moves" live 10/97, bisher EXKLUSIV! g/a/s euromedia
Viva1 vol1 We fly tonight, Radio-Edit 05/98    
Dance Now 98-3 We fly tonight, Radio-Edit 08/98    
Crossing all over 8 Strange Affection, Radio-Edit 10/98    
Best of Electronic Music Strange Affection, Radio-Edit 02/99 g/a/s tcm
Musikexpress25 I regret, Radio-Edit 02/99, nur mit Heft    
VW Soundfoundation We fly tonight, Radio-Edit 02/99 g/a/s Warner
Dance attack vol5 We fly tonight (CD + MC) 10/98 Polen  
zoomshot Green eyed monster 01/00 g/a/s zoomia
crossing all over 11 Foreigner 11/99    
zillo dark summer 2000 Freedom (zillo outro version) 08/00 g/a/s zillo/spv
subout compilation re-invent yourself (re-invent my self version) 09/00 g/a/s .../efa
dac club classics Foreigner 09/00 g/a/s ../ spv
to good for radio try to forget 02/01 usa add
Name Titel und Version Erscheinungsmonat Land Label
zillo-magzin beilage lonely day - unplugged 01/02 D zillo  
Propaganda (1) Call my name 02/02 USA souvenir-records yes
SYNTH & WAVE ESSENTIALS Try to forget '98 04/02 D Zyx music no
Zillo-Magzin Beilage miss you more (Album Version) 12/02 D zillo no
Sonic Seducer Magazin Beilage Drifting Sideways (t.o.y remix) 12/02 D Sonic Seducer no
Dark Decrytion Heat shaped tumor (icon of coilc mix) ?/02 D Zoomshot no
Strange love 6 Drifting Sideways (silent moan) ?/02 D Zoomshot no
zillo Dark summer 2002 Lonely Day (Dj Ram Remix) 08/02 D zillo no
Future Pop Genration 1 Heat shaped tumor (neurotic mix) ?/02 D Zoomshot no
Beilage d-side France Digital Dream (Mesh Classic Cupboard Cut) 01/03 F   no
adavan ced elctronics II Digital Dream (electroclash remix by DJram) 07/03 D SPV no
Il programmino Di Gigi D'agostino Drifting Sideways + Digital Dream 07/03 It media records no
Music for the masses Drifting sideways 03/03 D Bmg no
Dark side compilation DVD Try to forget vom Fairylive! Video) 04/03 D Universal no
synthpop for a derkened room Miss you more Feb 04 USA Add Yes
Electrogötter Your hands on my skin (harmony is everything remix) beginning of /04 D Four rock no