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Boy On The Street (1992)
Boy On The Street (hello-high-mix)
The Scenery Deludes (tranquillizer-mix)
What We Have To Learn (faster-mix)
Plight (SOS-mix)
Boy On The Street (disjointed-mix)

Try To Forget (1993)
Try To Forget (Radio Forg-Edit)
Try To Forget (Forget-Me-Not-Mix)
Can Feel The Drive

Dinner Without Grace (1994)
Dinner Without Grace (Radio-Edit)
Dinner Without Grace (Pastoral-Mix)
From Time Out Of Mind (In Memorial-Mix)
Dinner Without Grace (Original-Version)

Love Me Again (1994)
Love Me Again (Radio-Edit)
Call My Name
Love Me Again (Failure-Mix)

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Blue Moon (1995)
Blue Moon (Radio-Edit)
Blue Moon (12"-Mix)
Endlose Träume
Someone To Draw The Sword

Dress Me When I Bleed (1995)
Dress Me When I Bleed (Radio-Edit)
Get Over The Wall
Dress Me When I Bleed (Bloodless-Mix)

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Boy on the Street (Re-Release)
Boy On The Street (hello-high-mix) 
The Scenery Deludes (tranquillizer-mix)
What We Have To Learn (faster-mix)
Plight (SOS-mix)
Boy On The Street (disjointed-mix)

Sweet Life (1996)
Sweet Life (Radio-Edit)
Sweet Life (Little Bear-Mix)
Sweet Life (LP-Version)

I Regret (1996)
I Regret (Radio-Edit)
I Regret (Lab-Mix)
Sexy Moves
Scars (JAB-Dub)

We Fly...Tonight(1998)
We Fly...Tonight (Radio-Edit)
Green-Eyed Monster
We Fly...Tonight (Extended Version)

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We Fly...Tonight-Remixes (1998) -> Sold out / out of print
Radio Edit
We fly...tonight (Nightflight Mix)
We fly...tonight (Helter Skelter Mix)
We fly...tonight (We don't fly Mix)

Strange Affection (27/07/98)
Strange Affection (Radio Edit)
Soul for sale
Strange Affection (Album Edit)
New Drug (live 98)
Strange Affection (Long form radio mix)

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Strange Affection-Remixes (27/07/98)
Strange Affection (Radio Edit)
Strange Affection (No sleep 'til Heusele mix)
Strange Affection (Mesh Remix)
We might be on for a day (Live 98)

Foreigner (31/01/00) Details & Wav
Foreigner (Radio Edit)
Re-Invent Yourself
Hear me calling (enTrusted To Mesh)

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Freedom (15.05.2000)
Freedom (Radio Version)
Freedom (OOMPH! remix)
Remember (Sweet Harmony Mix)
Freedom (Long Version)

Heart-shaped Tumor (10. Sep 2001)
Heart-shaped Tumor (Radio-Edit)
Heart-shaped Tumor (Straight-Mix!)
Heart-shaped Tumor (Icon of Coil RMX)
Heart-shaped Tumor (Neurotic-Mix)
Heart-shaped Tumor (Instrumental)

Heart-shaped Tumor Cover

Drifting sideways (30.April 2003)

Drifting Sideways (Radio Cut)
Drifting Sideways (T.O.Y Radio Edit )
Digital Dream (remix by Icon of coil)
Drifting Sideways (Alternative)
Mix Miss You More (Telekommander Mix)
Drifting Sideways (Phobotaxis Mix)

The usa edition containes "Digital Dream - electroclash remix" by DJ Ram

I regret2003 (06.Oct 2003)
i regret (Colony 5 Radio Remix )
bleed me white (Backlash Remix )
try to forget( DJ Ram Dance Remix)
i regret (VNV Nation remix)
blue moon (Live 2003)
i regret (Live 2003)
i regret (H.M.B vocoder mix)
i regret (J.A.B Mix)
i regret (Multimedia)


Mini-CD "A new Dawn / I regret" (17.Dez 2003)

2 trac Mini-CD

A new dawn live 2003

I regret (Fusion-Remix).

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