Concert: Supportact
© 2001 by DE/VISION

Liste of Bands that played as a support-act of DE/VISION , choosed or approved by DE/VISION.

Complete (Festivals not included) some details will follow
Band Tournee / Date Town
F.A.Q DEVOLUTION Toiur 2003 complete
Colony5 Berlin + Leipzig 2003  
Toy Two on Tour Autumn 2001 complete
L'image Berlin 2001, Erfurt + Dresden 2003  
Lunastoy Void Tour 2000 complete
Beborn Beton Club Tour 1998 Scandinavia
Netz 3.12.1999 Zürich
Mesh Monosextour 1998 complete
Carpe Diem now called F.A.Q Stuttgart,Nurnberg, Zurich
Point of View   Spremberg
Chandeen 1995 - dress me tour complete
Spock 1993 we switched
Trinity Mania    
Psyche 1994 we switched

Liste of Bands where DE/VISION played as a support-act.

( Festivals excluded)
Band Tournee / Date Remark
Psyche 1990  
Die Krupps 1991  
Camouflage 1991  
Spock 1993 we switched
Psyche 1994 we switched