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© 2001 by DE/VISION

The new MCD: Heart-shaped tumor (10 September 2001)

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Nr Song
01. Heart -shaped tumor (Radio-Edit)
02. Heart -shaped tumor (Straight-Mix!) *1
03. Home *2
04. Neptune *2
05. Heart -shaped tumor (Icon of Coil - Remix) *3
06. Heart -shaped tumor (Neurotic-Mix) *4
07. Heart -shaped tumor (Instrumental )

*1 remixed by Georg Kaleve *2 non album tracs *3 remixed by Icon of coil *4 remixed by Neuroticfish

Length and quality restricted by record company.

Heart-shaped Tumor Cover V

All songs written by DE/VISION
Music Published by Kleefeld / Hanseatic / Strange Ways
Lyrics Published by Kleefeld / Hanseatic Produced by Georg Kaleve
Pre-production: Steffen
Mixed by Georg Kaleve
Programmings, Keyboards, Arrangements: Steffen, Josef Bach, Georg Kaleve
Guitars: Lars Baumgardt, Josef Bach, Georg Kaleve
Drums: Achim Färber, engineered by Stefan Ulrich
Studios: Pizza Hat - Berlin , Mikrokosmos, Berlin , Palais Aux Etoiles, Bremen
Mastered by Kai Blankenberg & Michael Schwabe at Skyline, Düsseldorf
Band Photography by Harald Hoffmann
Sleeve Design by Dirk Rudolph

(c)+(p) by Drakkar Entertainment / Bmg . Release 10.September 2001 on E-Wave-009

 (c)  by De/Vision