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Always proved
Blue moon
Call my name
Can you feel the drive
Endlose Träume
Get over the wall
Green-eyed monster
Sexy moves
Someone to draw the sword
Soul for sale
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Always proved

No time to think about our world's fate
No time to think about its end
We feel dejection
In dreaming to much time we spend

They say we don't know
What is right what is wrong

Forget all your lies
You told before
Never stop running 
In this strange world

They delay to decide
This planet will save itself
They say
We don't know
What is right what is wrong

Forget all your lies...

They say we don't know
What is right what is wrong...
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Can feel the drive

Take my hand
I can feel your shake
We make night to day
We leave all behind
'cause we have no time to sleep
And we have no time to cry
Our time is coming now
We can feel the drive

We play the game
We are addicted to
We can never stop
Otherwise we're feeling blue

You know what I like
You know what I want
You know what I mean
When I look in your eyes
I realize
You stand by my side
In everytime, in everytime

You know what I like...
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BLUE MOON (deutsche Übersetzung)
Text: Markus 

Geschichten der Vergangenheit
fügen meinem Herzen schmerzen zu
das leuchten der Sterne
wird die erde zum beben bringen
zu weit gegangen
die Engel fangen an zu singen
das ende ist nah
und es bringt schmerzen

ich fand den Himmel
ich fand Freude
und frieden
innerhalb meines Gemütes
im Sand
im Gras
in den Hügeln eines Landes
das man BLUE MOON nennt

ich höre es in einem Traum
verkaufe deine Seele  nicht
jetzt ist da ein verlangen zu schreien
ein verlangen meine rolle zu ändern
denn geschickten aus der Vergangenheit 
fügen meinem herz schmerzen zu
zeit vergeht zu schnell

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I hide my face in shame
Look out
It's high time to go
That was the last she saw of me
It made her feel like crying
I hunt them from their place
Look here
I did as I was told
I tried my tears
And draw the knife
To end his paltry life

I can never hear you cry
I can never see you smile
We are the hunters
I can never hear you cry...

So many times
She thought me dead
There is no holding me
A picture in her hand
She cannot understand
As things are
I will stand alone
There is no end to it
A picture of my face
She cannot find the place

I can never hear you cry...
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Call my name

You need someone
I am your friend
the night is falling
you take my hand
tell me about it
let me know
what's it got to do with me
let me show you what it means
to see the pain
to feel the shame
all night and day
But when you need someone you can call
you can call, you can call my name

I can't ignore
the things you do
I can't accept
your point of view
Think about it
Don't you know
my life does depend on it
let me show you through my eyes
the faithless face
behind the mask
of your disguise
but when you need...

The stormy wind
the raging sea
don't cause the harm
you did to me
No need to doubt it
let me go
the price will be paid by you
let me show you what it means
to wear the stains
to bear the blame
all night and day
but when...
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Someone to draw the sword

The shame in his face
the price that he pays
The hopelesness in his eyes

The pain in his voice
There's no other choice
The hopelesness in his eyes

The sorrow he felt inside
There was no place to hide
It made him sad

The story he told me there
Out in the smoky air
It made me sad

Everyone needs a friend
Someone to take the hand
Someone to love

Then when he found support
Someone to draw the sword
Then he found love

Everyone need a friend...
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ich schenke dir endlose träume
zeitlos ist der schmerz

ich schenke dir endlose träume
sehnsucht tief in deinem herz

ich schenke dir endlose träume
die rettung ist so fern

endlose träume
so endlos wie der sonnenstern
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Get over the wall

The glow in your eyes
reveales your willingness
Don't loose your tie
I want your sweet caress
Longing for your touch
is what i feel inside
My body missed so much
thats why i'll give up all my pride

Get over the wall
conquer my inmost soul
Hold me tight if I fall
into your tempting hole
Get over the wall
let your feelings flow
When I hear your call
I fell my passion grow

You turn black
into the brigthest white
You dont keep me back
when I want to see the night
There is so much time to sin
and we can stand it all
There is so much we can win
so get over the wall

Get over the wall..
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Sexy moves

We break out of the norm
Like walking through a storm
Our wishes are too bad
Exploding in my head          
The kisses are so hot
Morality will rot
The passion`s so intense
Sweat runs through our hands

Oh girl make me understand
Why your sexy moves make me so wild
Oh girl take me by your hand
While your sexy moves make me a child

We sacrifice our souls
We`re changing our roles
Obscenities and dirt
Tender words would hurt
Don`t show mercy now
Only teach me how
Indecent  game`s should be played 
Please be my catty fay

Oh girl make me understand....
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Green-eyed monster  

The fever of his skin  
Is peeling burning sin
The star in your own film
Devote yourself to him

The silver key to your
Extraordinary core
The loyalty you swore
Have driven you ashore

Keeper of my soul
My heart became your throne
Emotion rules the mind
Your triumph, my decline
My shelter and my home
Your touch my highest goal
My ease and alibi
Despiteful and unkind

Guided by the wild
Green-eyed monster`s might
She`s driving through her night
In hope to find a light

Keeper of my soul...
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Soul for sale

Driven by a dubious truth
Lost in countless doubts
Flying on the wings of youth
Ever far from nous
Swallow what you hate the most
Fly into the blue
Soon you`ll end up as the ghost
Of what once was you

Waiting for the sun to shine
Lay relief on me
Wishing god can hear my whine
Plant belief in me
Nourished by a hope that feeds
A dying zest for life
Stumbling on the path that leads
To a mine of light

When I look into the skies
Then I have to realize
That your love has left me cold
Keep your grace and let me go
When I look into the skies
Then I have to realize
That your greatness is a tale
And my soul is not for sale

When I look into the skies...
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